nikad nije kasno

Our mission is to spread wine culture and love for this divine drink...

Our philosophy is that each of our blends contains one domestic autochthonous variety.

During a special selection process, we selected grapes that were treated with the utmost care after the harvest, in order to produce our unique wines.

For the quality of the wines, their creator Andrija Jakšić, Master of Oenology, guarantees with his signature on each bottle their creator.

His personal signature guarantees not only the highest quality of the wine, but also symbolizes the love between man and wine, the love between father and son and the love that should be spread throughout the depth, breadth and height, across the world.


Nikad Nije Kasno


limited edition

High quality white wine of a pale yellow colour with green hues.

This unique coupage impresses with its complexity. Full body of a Chardonnay is perfectly balanced with fruity finesse of Tamjanika.

Intensive aromas of exotic fruits – lychee (Asian cherry), pineapple and mango intertwine with the scents of pear and floral aromas of rose, which gives this wine an enchanting bouquet. A very pleasant wine that complements its fruity body with harmonious natural sweetness.


Nikad Nije Kasno


limited edition

High quality red wine of intensive, very deep red colour with violet reflection, nearly dark blue. On the nose it is harmonious, with the accents of black fruits and spices, with time, it develops in glass.

Taste is full, well rounded with meaty tannins and good acidity.


Nikad Nije Kasno


limited edition - 7400 bottles

Wine Nikad nije kasno “Signature” is a special coupage of grape varietes Merlot, Cabernet and Prokupac.

During a special selection process, we selected grapes that were treated with the utmost care after the harvest, in order to produce this unique wine.

“Signature” is a domestic wine with the highest number of medals from international competitions in wine quality. High quality wine of intensive, very deep red colour with violet reflection – nearly dark blue.

Wine “Signature” has been maturing for 18 months in barrique barrels. Through such maturation in the barrique, characteristics of varieties of our wine are being combined with the characteristics of oak wood, which creates the perfect product. In addition to fruity aromas that the wine has thanks to the choice of varieties, the aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, dried cloves, caramel and roasted almonds can be noticed often.

Master’s signature on the label represent not only the guarantee of quality and the desire for you to like this wine, but also, with it, we guarantee that this wine is treated with the greatest care and love, from vineyard to bottling.

Andrija Jaksic, Dipl. Ing. Oenology


Thank you, my son...



Župa vineyards are located in the western part of Serbia, in the basin of West Morava river and its tributaries.

Vineyards of Župa are spread over around 3,000 ha, 50ha of which were built in the last two years. Aleksandrovac and its surroundings grow Tamjanika and Prokupac, the oldest authentic grape varieties in Serbia.

Prokupac, also known as Rskavac, is grape variety about 1000 years old, and Tamjanika, muscat variety originating in France, is grown in Serbia for more than 500 years. Other varieties, such as Župski Bojadiser, Smederevka, Sauvignon, Semillon, Župljanka, Neoplanta, Chardonnay, Italian Riesling, are also grown in Župa.

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