Andrija Jakšić

My name is Andrija Jakšić , son of Žika Jakšić. I’m 27 years old and I completed Master studies of Oenology in Weinsberg. I grew up and lived in Germany. Many people ask me how I came up with the idea to learn the craft of viticulture. It is rare for someone who does not have a winery in the family to enter such a profession.

I think that many factors led to that decision. First of all, the city of Stuttgart, the area I lived and grew up in, is a wine region with many famous wineries as well as beautiful vineyards. These wonderful sceneries of vineyards fascinated me from an early age, and certainly, that had a strong influence on the decision I made years later. I also love nature and handicrafts and have always wanted to learn a job where the results are visible. And finally, in the end all of that led me to the winemaking.

The German education system is similar to the old system of vocational education in Serbia. However, the whole schooling is in dual education system. The dual education system in Germany means that theory in school is closely linked to practice in the field. Thanks to that, at the age of 16, I already went to a specialized school for winemaking and at the same time worked in various wineries and adopted the knowledge of the entire wine production. After graduating school, I received the title of winemaker, which would mean wine technician.

After that, I got the opportunity to run the entire production for two years in the famous Knauer winery near Stuttgart. For the first time, I independently monitored the entire cycle of vegetation, harvesting and performed all the technological steps of wine production in the cellar, bottling and marketing. In the fall of 2014, I enrolled in the master’s program at the State Institute for the Development of Viticulture Technology and Oenology. I will mention that at that Institute, master studies are also implemented in a dual system. During 3 years of study and practice, I visited many wineries and vineyards in Europe and at the end of studies I received the title of “Master od Oenology “. In 2016 I started creating high-quality wines for my father, but also for all wine lovers …


Marko Malićanin

Marko Malićanin graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, in the Department of Food Technology of Plant Products. At the same faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, he received his doctorate in 2014. He obtained the license of Responsible Designer of Food Technological Processes in 2008 and since then he has been actively involved in the design of wineries. Between  2005 – 2006  he worked at the winery Vino Župa from Aleksandrovac, and since 2006 he has been working at the winery Rubin, where in 2013 he was appointed technical director.

He is the author of several scientific papers in the field of food technology of plant products. He is a member of the Evaluation Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia within the Panel for Sensory Evaluation of Wine, as well as the Commission for Recognition of Grape Varieties, Substrates and Clones, and a member of the Expert Working Group for Drafting the Wine Law.

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Žika Jakšić

Žika Jakšić is one of the main producers and managers of Grand Production and the leading man of the musical show “Zvezde Granda”, which has been shown since 2003. In addition to “Zvezde Granda”, he also designed a show for slightly older contestants – “Nikad nije kasno” (It‘s never late).

With his idea of starting the music show „Zvezde Granda“ Žika Jakšić created the opportunity for many young singers to become famous and achieve successful careers, and later, with the idea of the show “Nikad nije kanso”, the same opportunity was given to older singers.

He believes that the success of the show “Nikad nije kasno” is due to the fact that they try to represent true values, and the viewers see the show as a holiday of music and good singers.

Emotion... The leading link of our wine

nikad nije kasno

TV SHOW Nikad Nije Kasno

This is the first show that gives hope to everyone who thinks that it is too late for their career.
This is the competition of the veteran singers (+45), trough whose life stories we learn about hopes and dreams of eternal talents, who never became stars.
We are presented with great candidates, exceptional singers who didn’t manage to make a musical career, even though they had talent and quality. There are professional local singers among them, as well as absolute amateurs.
Candidates present themselves singing the greatest hits of pop and folk music.

nikad nije kasno

Idejni tvorac

TV emisiju je osmislio Žika Jakšić, jedan od najpoznatijih srpskih muzičkih producenata i menadžera.

Pored toga što će pevati i pokazati da su odlični pevači, kandidati će pričati o svojim zanimljivim sudbinama. Moto projekta je ostvarenje neostvarenog sna pod sloganom NIKAD NIJE KASNO.  Kandidati imaju želju da u poznim godinama i na zalasku ne tako uspešne karijere ispune svoj životni san i konačno se predstave milionskom auditorijumu, na velikoj sceni, na velikoj televiziji, pod svetlima reflektora, propraćeni bendom i ovacijama publike. Jer zaista, nikad nije kasno da se postane prava zvezda i ostvari davni, mladalački san.